Friday, October 31, 2008

My Coupon Class is FULL

I have had a huge response to the coupon class on November 8th. 

It is now full. 

If you are interested in attending a future class, I will consider doing another one in the spring. Please e-mail me at if you are interested in a future class. 

I will also be posting lots of information that will be helpful if you are just starting out. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Binder Method for Coupon Organization

Coupon Binder:

I use a binder with baseball card holders to organize my coupons. They can be found at Target and Wal-Mart near the baseball cards for about $5/pack. It is a easy visual way to see all of my coupons quickly.

Here are the categories I use for my binder:

Boxed Foods
Breads and Grains
Deli and Meat
Diet and Nutrition

Feminine Care
Hair Care
Oral Care
Skin Care
Soap and Deoderant
Store Coupons


Pet Care

The first half is food items. The second half is non food items. I used printer labels and placed them on the actual card holder pages. Some like to use dividers, but I think they take up too much space in my already large binder.

I have a small coupon organizer labeled by store that I put my coupons in when I go shopping. I got it for $1 at the Dollar Spot in Target. I believe they still have them there with the back to school supplies. I also have a small one simply devoted to CVS. I have each transaction separted in that organizer and keep all of my CVS CRTs and ECBs in that one.

More on Organizing:

I don't clip all of my coupons. I only clip the ones that I know I will more than likely use. I ask myself if it is something we get a great price on, would I buy it? I will also clip coupons I know I can give to others, or use for charitable donations.

I don't throw away the coupons I did not clip. I have a hanging file folder bin that I got at Wal-Mart for around $8 and I have about 25 file folders. Each week I label a folder with the date of the inserts and place those unclipped coupons in the bin. That way if there is something I want to use that I didn't clip I can easily find it. has a great sortable coupon list (this one originates here in AZ). Click here to get to the list. I can easily see if I have a coupon and which week and insert it came out in. Here are the abbreviations for the inserts:


Money Saving Mom has a great way that she organizes her coupons. Click here to see her method.
Click here to see how another couponer uses a binder. (

You have to do what works for you. Some people don't like the binder because they think it takes too much time. I don't think it takes much time, mainly because I don't clip every single coupon from the paper. I usually file them while I am watching TV.
Happy Clipping!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Children's Sleepwear from Disney Outlet has some great deals on kids summer PJs right now. The short PJ Pal sets are only $3.99.

Stock up for summer, or all year if you live in Arizona. :)

Go here to see what's available.

Get $5 flat rate shipping by entering the code: SPOOKY5

A Few More Freebies at Fry's

Hall's Cough Drops: $1.00
Use: $.50/1 from 10/26 SS
Final: FREE

Tic Tacs: $.50
Use: $.55/2 from 9/21 RP
Final: FREE

Idahoan Potatoes: $1.00
Final: FREE
*WYB 4, you will receive a $1 catalina OYNSO*

My DH went into Fresh and Easy for some bread and to pick up some $5/$20 coupons and said the cashier said they no longer had them. This was at Higley and Ray. Supposedly they are only going out through direct mail, which I won't get until ours opens at Ironwood and Ocotillo next fall. If you have the 09 Entertainment book there are $5/$50 Safeway q's. Let me know if anyone comes across any $/$$ q's since the Fry's promo is running until 12/2.

On another note, I went to Fry's today getting mostly the freebie items and the Moonlight Madness deals. I spent about $30 and saved about $70 (it was 72%). I know that is really good savings, but I kept thinking it wasn't what it should be. That's because I bought the Tinkerbell movie which was $19.99. So, if you take out the movie I spent $10 for a cart full of groceries.

Tinkerbell is probably cheaper elsewhere, but they did have a deal for a FREE box of Disney Fruit snacks when you buy the movie. Wasn't worth another trip to me.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kraft Food and Family Magazine

Today I got an issue of Kraft Food and Family Magazine.

The next issue is going to be available online, and to promote it they gave me a code to print $5 worth of coupons from Kraft brand products.

They usually have coupons in their issues as well as TONS of easy recipes for busy families. A lot of the recipes feature products that we regularly get on sale with coupons.

Go here to sign up. The magazine is a free subscription.


You can load coupons to your Fry's (Kroger) shopping card through the following websites:

The coupon will come off automatically when you check out. There is a $.50/1 Cottonelle coupon from that will make a 4 pk only $.49.

CellFire Coupons

You can upload coupons to your cell phone using CellFire.

They currently have restaurant, entertainment, and grocery coupons.

If you have an IPod Touch or IPhone you can upload CellFire from the app store.

There are coupons to Fry's that will be loaded to your Fry's shopping card, including:
  • $.50/1 Cottonelle 4 pack
  • FREE box of Active Instant Oatmeal
There are also coupons for video rentals, etc.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fry's Moonlight Madness Sale 10/30

Moonlight Madness - 7 hours only
10/30/08 from 4pm-11pm
*We'll be in costume
*Join us in your costume too
*Kids Cookie decorating
*Free cider & donuts
*Trick or Treat Street
*Sampling Fest through the store

Grocery Specials - valid 10/30 from 4-11 ONLY
Big K 2-liters .37ea - first 6

Reese's or Kit Kat $1.37 - first 4
Use: Hershey's, Reese's or Kit Kat Snack size bags, any 9-22 oz. $1/3 (10-31-08) SS-9/28
FINAL PRICE: $1.04ea + possible catalina if buy $15 worth *NOTE only first 4 will be this price

Bar-S Meat Franks 16oz .57 - first 4 *Possible FREE if still have .25/1 any printables at

Kroger Microwave Popcorn .77 - first 4

Doritos $1.27 - first 4

Little Debbie Snack Cakes .77 - first 4

Thanks, PYP.

Fry's 10/29-11/4

Fry's will be doubling/tripling and accepting competitor's coupons through 12/2.


Blue Bunny Ice Cream: $1.97
Use: $1/1 printable
Final: $.97

Tyson Chicken: $2.50
Use: $.55/1 from 9/7, 10/12, or 10/19 SS
Final: $1.50

Purex Laundry Soap: $2.50
Use: $.35/1 from 10/5 SS or $.50/1 from 8/10 SS
Final: $1.50

Idahoan Potatoes: $1.00
Use: $.75/1 printable
Final: FREE

Spaghettios: $.69
Use: $.40/2 from insert
Final: $.19 each

Cottonelle TP 4 pack: $.99
Use: $.25/1 from 10/26 SS
Final: $.25

Argo Cornstarch: $1.50
Use: $.45/1 from 10/5 SS
Final: $.50

Competitor's Coupons:

Basha's Hot Dog Buns: $.58
Basha's Old Orchard Juice: $.88
Safeway Brand Juice: $.99

Save Money with Reusable Bags

Fry's, Albertson's and Basha's will all give you $.05 off your grocery bill per bag you bring into the store. It applies to plastic or reusable bags. You may need to remind your cashier to give you this discount. Because of this discount, I have had cashiers give me $.10 when I was buying items that were free.

My favorite is the Trader Joe's bags. They cost $.99 and are extremely durable. They will eventually pay for themselves. Mine have been paid for over and over again and I am also keeping plastic bags out of the landfills.

I also use a insulated bag that I got at Costco for my cold items. This is especially nice when you go to a store that is far. It's also great keeping food cold on long trips.

Another favorite bag of mine is the IKEA blue bag. It is only $.59 and I use them for everything from laundry (this is the BEST space saving laundry basket ever) to picking up the toys in the living room and placing them back in the child zone to shopping at IKEA (of course!). They have also proved useful for traveling.

Plus, I really love bags. As a child my mom called me the "bag lady" because I always drug several of the around the house filled with toys and canned goods. I was a born shopper! It is my humble opinion that a girl can never have too many bags.

A Few More Fry's Deals

Idahoan Potatoes: $1.00
Use: $.75/1 printable
Final: FREE

Spaghettios: $.69
Use: $.40/2 from insert
Final: $.19 each

Cottonelle TP 4 pack: $.99
Use: $.25/1 from 10/26 SS
Final: $.25

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fry's is AWESOME!

Fry's will be doubling/tripling coupons as well as accepting competitor's coupons (i.e. Fresh and Easy, Register Rewards, etc.) through 12/2!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

$25 Prescription Coupon for CVS

Today's Republic had a $25 Rx transfer coupon for CVS (it was a sticky on the front cover).

There was also another one for CVS in the actual CVS ad. It does not expire until December.

Keep in mind that Fry's will accept this coupon as well.

So you could transfer it to CVS with one coupon, and then transfer it to Fry's the next time you need it filled.

Keep in mind that once you have transferred it to one pharmacy, you can't transfer it later on back to that pharmacy with another coupon. They will only accept the coupon the first time you transfer it to their store.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Coupon Class RSVP

If you are interested in coming to the Coupon Class on November 8, I need an RSVP as soon as possible.

Spots are filling up fast! E-mail me at

Hope to see you there!

Walgreen's November Free After Rebate

L'oreal age perfect pro-calcium radiance perfector 1.7 oz. up to $19.99 limit 1
Use: $2/1 from 10/5 SS
Final: FREE + overage after rebate

Almay one coat mascara up to $6.99 limit 1
Use: $1/1 from 8/3 or 9/14 SS
Final: FREE + overage after rebate
If you wait until the week of 11/2 for the mascara, these will be BOGO, plus you will still get the rebate on 1.

CVS: Week of 10/26

SoyJoy Bars: $1, get $4 ECB wyb 4, Limit 1
Use: Printable or B1G1 from 9/7 SS
Final: FREE + overage
Does anyone like these, or want mine if I get them...?

Bic Comfort, 4 ct: $4.99, get $4 ECB, Limit 4
Use: $2/1 from 9/14 SS
Final: FREE + $1.01 overage after ECB

Post Your Deals Here:

Cheap TP at Fry's (or Kroger stores)

Cottonelle TP is usually $.99-$1.29 at Fry's.

Right now Fry's is tripling coupons.

There will be a $.25/1 4 pack coupon in the 10/26 SS.

Final Cost: $.25/4 pack

Printable available here for a FREE pack of TP.

Saving Money at Fry's!

Based on this week's sales (Quaker breakfast promo), the $5/$25 Whole Foods Coupon (which expired today), and my $5 catalina from the candy promo here is what I got:

30 Boxes of Quaker Brand cereal
6 Boxes Oatmeal to Go
12 Boxes Green Giant Frozen Veggies
6 Cat Treats (I don't have a cat, but my mom does...)
8 Boxes Puffs Kleenex
6 Boxes Herbal Tea
1 squeeze bottle of lemon juice (not on sale, but I needed it!)
2 lbs. grapes
2 lbs pears

Grand total of $14.99
Saved: $219.58

The lady behind me asked me if I really save a lot with coupons. Yes, yes I do.

Also, keep in mind that I did multiple transactions because of the 3 coupon rule, and a limit of 1 reward per transaction for the Quaker deal.

Happy shopping!

Best Prices List, Version 1

Coming Soon!

How to Save at the Grocery Store

Coming Soon!

CVS for Beginners

Coming Soon!

Walgreen's for Beginners

Coming Soon!

Organizing Coupons with Little Time

I have had to take a step back from my binder. I simply don't have time to clip each and every coupon I use. Here is the method to my coupon madness:

  1. Get a file folder bin.
  2. Put in some hanging file folders.
  3. Disperse about 26-30 file folders throughout the hanging ones.
  4. Don't label anything just yet...
  5. When you get your coupons on Sunday, take the inserts out.
  6. Collate the inserts.
  7. Place the inserts in the first available file folder.
  8. Label the folder with the date (i.e. 8/24)
  9. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Walla! Your coupons are all organized.

Now, how do you find them, you ask? Click here to view the best deals brought to you by the amazing people at Pinching Your Pennies and contributors. If the coupon says 8/24 SS, go to the file you have labeled 8/24. Find the Smart Source insert and clip the coupon.

Less clipping, more organization...

Now, if you want to search for a coupon, simply go to the PYP Sortable Coupon Link.

Here is how to find your coupons by label (thanks, PYP!):

The date in parentheses is the expiration date.

The information at the end is where the coupon can be found, and the date it was issued:





LV= La Voz

PH= Presna Hispana

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions! If I don't use a coupon that I clipped, I keep it in a small purse sized coupon organizer (which I got at the Target Dollar Spot). I also do CLIP coupons that I KNOW I will use (i.e. the FREE Sara Lee Bread).

Common Couponing Acronyms

YMMV-Your Mileage May Vary

Catalina-Coupon or Money OYNSO that prints after complete transaction

OYNSO-On Your Next Shopping Order


B1G1-Buy 1, Get 1 Free

OOP-Out of Pocket

RR-Register Rewards (Walgreen's)

ECB-Extra Care Bucks (CVS)

WYB-When You Buy

DND-Do Not Double

Coupon Inserts:

RP-Red Plum/Valassis
P&G-Procter and Gamble
IP-Internet Printable

How to Read Coupon Location:

Example: 10/5 SS

This means that is was in the Smart Source Sunday coupon insert, week of 10/5.

Sale at Once Upon a Child

I got this in my e-mail from Once Upon a Child. I LOVE this store. When you sign up in store for e-mail updates you get a $5 coupon. They also have a rewards program.

Click here for more information on this store and other consignment deals from a previous post.

Celebrate Fall at Once Upon A Child - Gilbert
Special Events

Saturday Oct. 25th
Visit with the Incredibles 11:00am - 1:00pm
Play in the Bounce House 10:00am - 3:00pm
Save up to 30% on Selected Items !!

Sunday Oct. 26th - Saturday Nov. 1st
Bring your little goblin for early Trick or Treating !!

Friday Oct. 31st & Saturday Nov. 1st
Huge 50% off Clearance Sale !!

Once Upon a Child, Gilbert
3425 E. Baseline Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(480) 539-1338

Disney Store Costume Sale

The Disney Store at San Tan Village had several of their costumes for 50% off. Get a cheap costume for this year, or save it for next.

If you are planning a Disney getaway, this is a great way to save on a dress for your little princess. They are $65 in the park. Get one at the Disney Store for around $20.

Visit a store or shop online.

Coupon Class, November 8

I promised a fall coupon class, so I finally set a date!

When: Saturday, November 8th
Time: 10:00 am
Where: My home in Queen Creek
What: Learn about how to:

  • Cut your grocery bill in at least half
  • Maximize the benefits of using coupons
  • Get stuff for FREE
  • Work on building your food storage/year supply
  • Utilize FREE resources
  • Organizing coupons

I am NOT selling anything. This workshop will focus on FREE services and resources (i.e. I will NOT be advocating the "subscription" coupon services). The only investment required is acquiring Sunday Paper coupons (which you could get for free from family etc.) and some time (as little or as much as you have to put into it).

The workshop is FREE. It is geared towards beginners, but anyone is welcome to attend.

I live in Queen Creek. Anyone is welcome!

There will be door prizes, and FREEBIES if you bring a friend.

See you there!

Please e-mail me at if you plan on attending and for directions to my home.

I will be unveiling my "Best Price List, Version 1" which features the items we frequently get on sale with coupons so you know what the best prices are.


This blog will be dedicated to great savings at the grocery store, and more!
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