Saturday, November 8, 2008

Coupon Class

Thank you so much to everyone who came out today! I look forward to hearing about all of your great savings.

I am planning another class because I have had such a huge response. Unfortunately due to time constraints and materials required to put on the class, I am not able to offer it for free.

The cost for future classes will be $15/person. This will include all handouts and beginners guide with everything you need to get started and more. The classes will have freebies, door prizes, and tons of great information.

Keep in mind that my classes give you the tools to cut your grocery bill in at least half. There is no ongoing subscription fee. It will pay for itself in your first trip to the store.

I have not set a date for my next class, but if you are interested in attending please send me an e-mail at if you would like to be notified. 

If you would like to host a class, I will come to you with a minimum 10 participants. If you host a class, the fee will be waived for the host.

I will also provide 1 on 1 workshops to suit your schedule for a fee of $25.

If you can't make a workshop or would just rather read information, look for information on purchasing materials soon.

If you have attended a class and would like to submit a testimonial/quote, e-mail it to me at

Happy Shopping!



Chad~Nicole said...

Thanks for a great class. I have a couple questions...When you load the e-coupons on to your VIP card is the discount automatically taken at the register or do you have to mention it? Also, do you have to keep "re-loading" your card when new deals come out or are they somehow automatically tied to your number?

Kolina Romney said...

They will automatically come off. You have to re-load the coupons yourself. You get to choose which coupons you put on your card.

The Burners said...

Thanks for teaching us the tricks Kolina :) It was a great class!

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