Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Walmart Deals

Prices Vary by Store.

Goody Ouchless Hair Products: $2.12
Final: $.12

Nestle Hot Chocolate: $1.00
Final: $.25

Green Giant Frozen Steamers: $1.08 (shelf marked $1.27, but rang up $1.08 at QC Walmart)
Use: $1/1 from 10/5 SS
Final: $.08-$.27

Progresso Soups: $1.50
Final: $.40

Go to Money Saving Mom or The Centsible Sawyer for more Wal-Mart Deals.


Chad~Nicole said...

You can get cornstarch and baking powder for free this week at Walgreens using their coupon and the one from this week's paper.

Kolina Romney said...

Thanks! You should also be able to take that coupon to Fry's.

Chad~Nicole said...

The problem is they don't have the same size/products at Fry's. And...according to this week's Fry's ads they're tripling and accepting comp. Q until 12/30.

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